Hedge Cutting

Hedge and tree cutting and pruning in Tunbridge Wells, Uckfield, Heathfield & Mayfield

Pruning and trimming

Left unmaintained, hedges can quickly grow out of control, often becoming thin at the base, losing their original shape and desired purpose in turn. Regular maintenance and trimming (2-3 times a year) can help keep them under control, promoting new growth thus thickening the hedge.

From the smaller jobs of pruning and trimming hedges and small trees to the larger jobs of using a rope and harness to remove branches, ACE Total Tree Work are fully qualified and experienced in all types of tree work and maintenance.
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Pruning and trimming
Pruning and shaping your trees and hedges can keep them healthier and safer and extend their lifetime, ACE Total Tree Work offer a complete solution for tree and hedge maintenance in Tunbridge Wells, Upfield, Heathfield & Mayfield
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